Journey to freedom

Journey to Freedom is a 13 week personal development programme for women who have experienced domestic violence.

It provides a safe and supportive group process to enable women to explore their experiences of domestic violence and the possible impact upon themselves and their children. The support group provides knowledge to enable women to build self confidence, make informed choices and create positive change. Journey to Freedom empowers women to look to the future with positivity and hope.

How can Journey to Freedom help you?

If there is physical, emotion, financial or sexual abuse in your relationship, Journey to Freedom can help you to:

I feel that it showed me I have rights and choices and I am allowed to feel again. Journey to Freedom participant

It made me more aware and enabled me to look back and realise I am not alone and it is not my fault Journey to Freedom participant

There are other women in the same boat as myself and think we can support and help each other Journey to Freedom participant

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Journey to Freedom is Funded by the Policing & Community Safety Partnership


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